We don't sell PRINTED ITEMS.

We promote Tangible Marketing
Strategies with Memorable Results.

With 20 years of experience, MEVA Marketing and Promotion
Professionals have offered solutions in delivering brand mes-
sage and positioning, keeping the brand top-of-mind.


Promotional products are an incredibly powerful marketing
tool that connects with consumers on a physical level,
allowing for a memorable brand experience.


MEVA Marketing and Promotion is a full service advertising
specialties company offering a wide range of promotional
items to promote your company.



We can assist your marketing objectives with these quality programs:

• Corporate recognition programs • Premiums and Incentives Sales • Trade Show Programs • Safety Programs
• Service Awards • Employee Recognition

• Product Introductions • Business Gifts • Sport Tournaments • Company Outings • Thank you programs •
E-Commerce Services: online stores and fulfillment services




We go beyond selling promotional products!

In MEVA Marketing & Promotion we develop marketing stra-
tegies that promote brand loyalty through customer and
employee engagement.

Creating meaningful connections between brands and the
target audience is our true purpose.




We strengthen your Marketing Strategy, Brand Awareness,
Customer and Employee Relations, Gifting, Tradeshows &
Events, Distribution Programs, and more!

These are some of the brands we proudly work for.

Whether you have promotional products
needs or you require Branding and Marketing
solutions, we are here for you!




We have helped companies

With their Corporate Image and Marketing Strategy with
incredible results.

See our Portfolio for more information. We will be happy to
assist you with your Graphic Design and Marketing needs.




Make it personal.

Apparel is not something to wear...
it’s something to stand up for.

We help you select and decorate your uniforms and corporate
gifts to be worn with pride promoting brand loyalty.


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